We have released ads themed "Are You Reckless?"  in English version and will be releasing other two versions very soon. Thanks for Murdoch University for their generous support. Here is the recording of the English ad.
We are now working to take the radio ad to the radio stations in the region.
Cameo Appearance of Heroes
Road Safety awareness can be spread in a FUN way using comics and Rayden Kusumo's second edition comic totally proved it. Rayden's inspiration comes from hundreds of comic artists he is fan of. He has spent more than 15 hours from conception to completion.  You can view his comics at comics.surayafoundation.com
Spoke at Murdoch University Dubai and the objective was to spread awareness about the road safety and recruit the students for "Are You Reckless?" radio project. The marketing executive of Murdoch university, Mr. Siddiqi was introduced to studio manager and other executives. We are close to forming a deal to create radio ad which we hope to spread via radio stations.
We are about spreading emotionally compelling messages through media and for that reason we have included a new feature where accident victims or their families can state their part of the story to show the consequences of reckless driving.

One feature let's you tell your part of the story and the other feature shows stories of people who have been affected by accident.
We were interviewed on Oct 14th and met the team of DubaiOne AskOne. Here is the video which features METAphrenie and Suraya Foundation.
Our first comic issue titled "Missing Tyre!" has been released today! More than 20 hours of work and effort has been put into it by the team mainly the illustrator Rayden Kusumo.  The comic series would focus on elaborating the road safety features on Road Oath. Click the above icon to take you to the comic page.
Discuss this here on our facebook.

Please provide feedback on our main facebook page. Spread to your friends and families.
Three new experienced mentors joins our Board of Advisors. Jeff Price has been with the radio community since it's inception and has extensive experience in broadcast sectors in radio and TV. He is also very well connected providing valuable time and advice and helping connect prominent people who would help further the campaign.

Karin Kloosterman has known Suraya Foundation since it's inception and has helped publish first article about the foundation helping in spreading the cause. She is the founder of Green Prophet with extensive experience in spreading the cause.

Fahid Bizzari is a charismatic web strategist who has far sighted vision of improving the web usability in the region thus saving lots of hours of people in the region. His valuable advice was to find ways to monetize and fund the non-profit with a longterm vision.

Please have a look at the Board of Advisors here.

We have made our mission known and we have been recently covered on The National , Motor , Dubai Eye and Green Prophet. We are going on DubaiOne TV and City 7 Ajman TV.

We are planning our next projects and recruiting volunteers for it. We will now fully concentrate on completing "Are you Reckless?" project.
Green Prophet which is the largest environmental blog in Middle East has covered us. Thanks to Karin Kloosterman who is the pioneer to create the blog relating to environment, a topic and sector ignored in Middle East.

Please head to Part 1 & Part 2 to read the articles.
Thanks once again to the great host James Piecowye who made us very comfortable and relaxed during the interview.

Here is our podcast if you missed it out.

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