For our first project we are making infographics to depict the spread of road death epidemic. We have got some great volunteers helping with our first project  to spread road safety awareness project "What is Killing in Gulf?". We are excited to have a PR who is lobbying various radio stations to support us. You can also support us either by volunteering your time and talent or funding us (coming soon), either way please spread the word.
Here is a great video by RSA proving why money does not matter when it comes to doing creativity and complex functions. Volunteer and non-profit organizations can be a great place for the creative people to unleash their talents.
A road safety survey would be conducted very soon to help assess the safety of the u-turns on E11 and help close them. Nick Burton, Managing Director of I4Research and road safety analysis company based in UK and UAE has been very helpful in providing the logistics and the work. Suraya Foundation strives on prevention methods to save lives. Please support us by joining the foundation and helping spread road safety message amongst your loved ones.

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