Murdoch University which is leading university in Dubai sponsored our radio ads which would be in English, Hindi and Arabic. They would also help us in video animation which would help convert from audio to video animation so it can be possibly played in cinemas and online
Cameo Appearance of Heroes
Road Safety awareness can be spread in a FUN way using comics and Rayden Kusumo's second edition comic totally proved it. Rayden's inspiration comes from hundreds of comic artists he is fan of. He has spent more than 15 hours from conception to completion.  You can view his comics at
Spoke at Murdoch University Dubai and the objective was to spread awareness about the road safety and recruit the students for "Are You Reckless?" radio project. The marketing executive of Murdoch university, Mr. Siddiqi was introduced to studio manager and other executives. We are close to forming a deal to create radio ad which we hope to spread via radio stations.

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