Suraya Foundation was started to spread the message of safe driving via media. Prior to this the foundation, there was a campaign to close the u-turns which killed Suraya. After two years of campaigning, the u-turns were finally closed on June 2012. Thanks to the RAK and UAE authorities for listening to us.
4/20/2016 03:59:18 am

U-turns can really be very dangerous. Unfortunately sometimes there should happen some accident so that to understand that it is a risky point of road.

6/12/2016 06:31:26 am

Authorities rarely pay their attention to such problems. Thanks that this article shows us the exception. With these steps you saved many lives!

7/4/2016 12:25:12 am

I think, it was a good desicion! The authorities shoud d their best to protect people's life!


I'm very glad to hear that you managed to achieve its closure because it is very important for each of us and the whole country.


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