Three new experienced mentors joins our Board of Advisors. Jeff Price has been with the radio community since it's inception and has extensive experience in broadcast sectors in radio and TV. He is also very well connected providing valuable time and advice and helping connect prominent people who would help further the campaign.

Karin Kloosterman has known Suraya Foundation since it's inception and has helped publish first article about the foundation helping in spreading the cause. She is the founder of Green Prophet with extensive experience in spreading the cause.

Fahid Bizzari is a charismatic web strategist who has far sighted vision of improving the web usability in the region thus saving lots of hours of people in the region. His valuable advice was to find ways to monetize and fund the non-profit with a longterm vision.

Please have a look at the Board of Advisors here.

7/29/2012 05:46:41 am

Great post, thank you.

12/13/2013 07:39:41 am

Your blog was so simple, I went ahead and created one too, thank you.


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