Our next project is supposed to a list of road safety rules which will constitute as safe driving. This will be converted to oath so people can read and sign as oath.
We would love recommendations from the Board of Advisors for any changs or additions. The above picture is a rough sketch and would be designed as road sign which can be easily printed as a poster.

For those who are skeptical about oath, oaths have been used to voluntarily get complaint from people as after reading the oath , people sign they comply to "safe driving" rules and comply to their new identity.

Please feel free to comment as on August 12th it will be sent to METAphrenie & we would be EXCITED to work on first project with them.
8/7/2010 03:42:57 am

Mind including child seats?

8/7/2010 04:42:32 am

I meant child seat belts

Suraya Foundation
8/7/2010 04:43:30 am

The passenger seat belts includes child seat belts :)

1/13/2021 11:04:01 pm

Loveed reading this thanks

8/21/2023 08:43:45 am

Helloo mate great blog


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