As we are planning to release a series of graphic ads, it was very essential to get it done by the best design firm to make an impact and create awareness of the problem we are facing.

Today we visited METAphrenie ( design studio in Dubai whose portfolio includes Adidas, Reebok, Jazeera to name a few.

"We have to get creative people in the region together to solve the problem (road safety)" Andrea Dionisio, creative director of METAphrenie told in the meeting today. Suraya Foundation is planning to partner with the reputed design studio

Alexandra Dionisio, Sales & Marketing director of METAphrenie understood the importance of having ads which connected with the audience and advised to focus on real life accounts of accident victims which can emotionally move the viewers than generic ads.

We had great 45 min discussion on the possibilities of working together for making a series of great graphic ads. We look forward to working with METAphrenie.
9/22/2020 04:17:59 am

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