Thanks to Charles Holbert for passing this to us. Great information graphics showing some of the deadliest cars out there which can increase your insurance. irrespective of which ever car you drive, it is important to note, "Safe driving, saves lives".
6/24/2012 08:43:17 pm

cares are use to show our status but we have to think about the graphic of cars before bye tham

7/26/2012 10:38:29 pm

Nice post i think it depends a lot on the person driving the car rather than what car you are driving.


This article is trully well-written.There are a lot of interesting things to take into consideration. well done!

12/4/2012 07:05:21 pm

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1/3/2013 05:46:49 pm

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6/14/2013 03:04:27 am

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8/26/2015 03:13:16 am

I've read an essay from uk-essy-reviews called "Progress of Automobile Industry" and I've seen there that in early 30s cars were way more dangerous.

6/12/2016 06:29:16 am

The question of car safety on the road is very important. Thanks that you raise this problem!

7/4/2016 12:27:35 am

I consider this campaign very effective! We should protect drivers's lives, no matter how spectacular races can be!

7/1/2022 02:28:54 am

I like this information.


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